A short video goes a long way

by Phil Santoro
Co-founder, Reel Partners Media

It’s amazing what can happen to a website when you add even an inexpensive short video clip to the top of a page.

Netcracker, an innovative software company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, that offers a range of solutions and professional services to service providers around the world, asked us to produce a 40-second clip for the top of its new AVP page.

Adding the video clip to the page not only significantly reduced the “bounce” rate of traffic to the page, it doubled the time visitors spent on the page, from 2 minutes to 4 minutes, according to Netcracker’s Digital Marketing Manager Roland Stewart.

“We wanted to surprise our typical web visitor with a more memorable experience,” said Stewart. “Our industry is dominated by static, tech-heavy content, but the launch of the AVP webpage aimed to overcome those traditional expectations—it is meant to hit on the real-life benefits of using this new technology. Integrating Reel Partners’ video background into the webpage gave us the opportunity to humanize the comprehensiveness of AVP in an engaging and interactive way.”