Nonprofits can profit from a good promotional video

By Phil Santoro

When Mark and I met the met the very cool folks at the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, we were blown away. MassDiGI is kind of the godfather of the digital games community in the Baystate. They offer leadership, guidance, and advice to students and professionals in this fascinating industry. The group is located on the beautiful Becker College campus in Worcester, MA. The school is perhaps best known for turning out the creative geniuses who are designing and building video games for entertainment and education. We were proud to produce a promotional video for the organization. And we recently received some terrific feedback about the video from MassDiGI executive director Tim Loew. “It’s been very useful; we got a lot of positive feedback,” said Loew. “We’ve used it in a number of settings – from small events to PAX East. When it was new, we showed it at board meetings and the like, too. Now we usually run it in the background these days. It’s on our youtube feed as well.”

It’s also in our ever-growing portfolio and here.