Videos Make Websites Come Alive And Build Employee Morale

Group photo of employees in a factory.

Employees at TTI in Baltimore pose for a group photo in the factory.

By Mark Micheli

It’s common knowledge that people don’t read online. They scan.

A chemist holds up a vile of amber liquid.

A chemist at TTI checks the clarity of a flavoring.

Photos can do a lot to break up text and keep people on your website but videos will keep them interested for a whole lot longer.

That’s why more homepages today feature silent, looped, videos that play continuously. They not only draw the viewer in, they can convey a mood or an important attribute that you want prospective customers to know about your firm.

A chemist taking notes.

A chemist at TTI documents the flavoring process.

The looped video we created for the top of the homepage for Tobacco Technology, Inc. (TTI) conveys attributes of being an innovative, high-tech, family business with a rich history. But the executives at TTI had a bigger story to tell and recognized that most people wouldn’t take the time to read about their rich history so they also hired us to create a video for that.

The result was a short, 4-minute video, featuring interviews with the CEO, sales director, and chief scientists (see below). It was also placed on their homepage, along with an employee group photo we took (see above). Telling your company story through video not only attracts customers, it gives your employees something to be proud of and builds morale.