How to Use One Video in Many Ways to Market your Business

Verizon didn’t just post this video to its website and then forget about it. Smart companies know how to make the most of each video.

by Phil Santoro
Co-founder, Reel Partners Media

Some business owners know exactly how they want to use their videos. First and foremost—they prominently post them on their websites. Then what? Our clients have used their videos in a number of ways to grow their business. For example, here’s how Verizon put their videos to good use.

This video was created for Verizon to showcase the benefits of Verizon FiOS service to small businesses. It was used:

  • By the small business sales reps, who loaded it on their tablets and showed it to prospective customers on sales calls.
  • The sales team also used it at trade shows and in a newsletter it sends to its subscribers.
  • By the marketing team, which posted it on its Small Business website.
  • By the HR folks, who used it in an orientation session for new employees.
  • By the PR team, which used it in a news blog to announce new customers.


Other clients used their videos in lots of creative—and effective—ways. One of our clients ran his video on a continuous loop in his sales office. Another used it to as a video press release. And some have cut their videos into 15-second segments to use on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

We can help our clients develop a custom-tailored video marketing strategy that builds their brands, generates awareness, and grows sales.