Corsair Apartments Case Study

Aerial View of Corsair Apts
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by Mark Micheli

Luxury apartment buildings are springing up everywhere and one savvy real estate developer is making his project stand out from the competition by telling a story that blends history and art.

Andy Montelli of Post Road Residential in Connecticut asked us to help him tell this story.

corsairjet1xThe story of the Corsair Apartments goes back about 100 years ago. This location in the desirable East Rock neighborhood in New Haven, Conn. was a factory that over the years built everything from corsets and steel pipes, to airplane propellers for the Corsair airplanes that helped win World War II. read more

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A short video goes a long way

by Phil Santoro
Co-founder, Reel Partners Media

It’s amazing what can happen to a website when you add even an inexpensive short video clip to the top of a page.

Netcracker, an innovative software company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, that offers a range of solutions and professional services to service providers around the world, asked us to produce a 40-second clip for the top of its new AVP page.

Adding the video clip to the page not only significantly reduced the “bounce” rate of traffic to the page, it doubled the time visitors spent on the page, from 2 minutes to 4 minutes, according to Netcracker’s Digital Marketing Manager Roland Stewart. read more

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How to Use One Video in Many Ways to Market your Business

Verizon didn’t just post this video to its website and then forget about it. Smart companies know how to make the most of each video.

by Phil Santoro
Co-founder, Reel Partners Media

Some business owners know exactly how they want to use their videos. First and foremost—they prominently post them on their websites. Then what? Our clients have used their videos in a number of ways to grow their business. For example, here’s how Verizon put their videos to good use.

This video was created for Verizon to showcase the benefits of Verizon FiOS service to small businesses. It was used: read more

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Video Story Helps Rent Luxury Apartments

By Phil Santoro

Those of us who grew up in Massachusetts fondly remember the old Charleston Chew factory in Everett. Its bright yellow sign towering over Route 16 for daily commuters and day trippers to Revere Beach to see.

The gooey, chewy candy bar, first made in 1922, is still available today, but the factory moved out. The old brick building has been redeveloped into a beautiful new apartment complex, as captured in this terrific video created by Mark for the developer, Post Road Residential. In addition to posting the video on its website (lower left hand corner), it also plays on a continuous loop on a large screen in the model unit and in the leasing office, where it catches the eye (and the interest) of potential tenants. The developer credits the video with helping to lease the building ahead of schedule. read more

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